Science Behind Nootropics

Nootropic is a drug that is often referred to as either “smart drug” or “cognitive enhancers.” Nootropics are supplements, drugs, or substances that are designed to improve cognitive functions, specifically motivation, creativity, memory, and executive functions. These drugs are meant for healthy individuals, though.

As Nootropics are drugs for healthy individuals that do not require the medical intervention of doctors, the debate over the ethics of using them is still far from over. In fact, there are more and more issues popping up about this matter. How fair is it to use nootropics? How severe are their side effects, if there are any? Regardless of how many questions surround the use of nootropics, it is still widely distributed and purchased.

Wide Distribution and Availability

Nowadays, there are only quite a few drugs nowadays that are widely known to improve some cognition aspect. Some of them are even in the early stages of development. Out of all these drugs, the most commonly used is the stimulant like caffeine.

The drug can also be used for treating motor and cognitive function difficulties that are attributed to disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s diseases, ADHD, and Huntington’s Disease. While there may be a need for further research on that matter, the use of nootropics to help with these disorders is getting more and more widespread.

Student Usage

Due to its purported benefits, more and more students are using nootropics. After all, the drug is said to increase productivity, though there is no conclusive research available for that yet. For students in academically competitive colleges, though, the lack of conclusive research doesn’t matter. They use this drug as a cognitive enhancer so that they do well in class.

Side Effects

Just like any other pharmaceutical drug, the main concern that people have over the use of nootropics is the side effects. There is no long-term data available concerning how safe the nootropics are. Aside from the safety of the use of nootropics, there is also need to check the side effect of addiction. No matter what kind of drug, there is always the danger of falling into the state of addiction. With regards to nootropics, it is even more alarming since the drug that is considered to be a stimulant. Nootropics abuse can lead to addiction.


Dietary supplements like the nootropics can still be marketed in the country though despite the lacking evidence of its effectiveness. The only requirement is that the manufacturer must be able to show that the supplement can be manufactured safely. Moreover, the manufacturer must never make claims that the nootropics can prevent or treat any ailment. If the manufacturer claims that the nootropics supplement does indeed treat or cure diseases, then that would be considered illegal under the law.

The nootropics is indeed a “smart drug” with various uses. It can easily help in boosting brain activities, make memory sharper, and increase focus. For healthier nootropics, choose the ones with ingredients such as fish oil, GABA, aniracetam, caffeine, resveratrol, L-carnitine, vinpocetine, clenbuterol, 5-HTP, phosphatidylserine, theanine, pyritinol, krill oil, Gingko Biloba, L-tyrosine, Miura pump, and much more!

Popular Products

There are hundreds of Nootropic products that aim to enhance cognition, but some should be taken with care. Companies like TruBrain have specific lab testing to prove the stated minimal side effects. Many reviews of TruBrain Nootropics show increased cognitive function as early as 3-days. TruBrain comes available in drink form, making it extremely easy to carry around.

Here’s a video of someone’s TruBrain Review with a 5-Day Case Study:

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