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A Recap of Penguin 4.0.

google-penguinSearch engines use certain algorithms to rank different websites accordingly. However, there are certain website administrators who use black hat techniques, such as spamming, for their websites to rank higher in page ranking even though the content are of low quality.

This is the reason why Google launched the Penguin update last 2012. Through this update, Google was able to catch those websites that practice spamming the search engine results. They were also able to catch those websites that manipulate the algorithms of the search engines and utilize inorganic links.

These websites were penalized by Google. Before the Penguin update was launched, the caught websites simply need to devalue the bad links and replace them with other links to recover their previous search rankings.

However, after the launch of Penguin, the websites need to take several steps recover page rankings. “First, they will need to go through a link audit. Afterward, they need to remove the spammy links. Then, they will need to refresh Penguin”, says a San Diego-based SEO company. They need to do all of these to be able to see signs that their websites are recovering their search rankings.

The downside to this process is that it may take a long time. As such, it will not reflect the real-time results of the efforts and updates that the website administrators made. As a way to answer such downside, Google rolled out the Penguin 4.0 update. There are two things that you can expect from the latest Penguin update. First, it is now real-time, and it is more granular.

Thankfully, with the roll out of the Penguin 4.0 algorithm update, you will be able to refresh the algorithm in real-time. This means that you can immediately see the changes you have made after the affected website has been recrawled as well as reindexed. In this case, it will help you set right expectations in the assessment of link removals right away. You do not have to wait for several days or weeks just to know the results. When a website administrator knows his SEO mistakes as early as possible, then, he can also fix them as quickly as possible.

With the Penguin 4.0 being more granular, the algorithm is already devaluing spam. As a result, it adjusts the rankings based on the spam signals of the affected page instead of affecting the ranking of the whole page. According to many webmasters, this is fairer in the long run since Google will only be delivering penalties to those spam sites rather than the whole domain.

Aside from that, many webmasters are also happy with the update since they know that their websites can instantly be rewarded as long as they post great and organic content. As for those using black hat or even gray hat SEO techniques for their websites, then, one can expect that the update will also catch them easily and will be penalized almost as quickly.

Through this update, black hat techniques will become obsolete in the long run. This is good as the ultimate goal for SEO and search engine algorithms is to get rid of such techniques. The update is considered good news to white hat SEO professionals.

As of this time, though, there have been no major effects or negative changes after the roll out of the Penguin 4.0 algorithm update. As long as a website administrator is following white hat techniques, then, there is nothing to worry about. It is more important to focus on building a brand and not building links.

Aside from that, great quality content will still be the king when it comes to higher page rankings in search engine results page. Always strive to post great quality content on your website and Penguin 4.0 can be a boon.